I set seven appointments. I have never set seven appointments in a day before, even in less than a week. To do it in less than two hours is arguably the best thing ever.

Amazing, amazing night. The energy in this room was incredible.

They pushed me beyond the limit, and it was a great feeling. I just realized, I can do it!

Best result I ever achieved. Easy scripts: what to say, whom to call, and everything fell in place.

One of the most intense trainings that I have ever been to. We accomplished so much in four days.

I got about a dozen pre-approval leads sent to me tonight, my last one being for 1.2 million, in just an hour and a half!

I literally can't thank you guys enough, how much you guys have really changed my whole perception on how to do real estate with this whole week's training.

I got a buyer's appointment, and we went after the show to a brand new development and won the contract for 1.3 million dollars. Within 24 hours I made $32,500.

Stephanie Masterson

Seek first to understand and then to be understood. Get out of judgment and into curiosity. Focus on the positive, focus on the solution 100% of the time.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan

Took our team from basically nothing to one of the top real estate teams in the country. Bob doesn't coach to a script, but rather finds the places your business needs him most. We have a great quality of live, travel, give back and have more leverage than we ever have.  

Mark Gellman

Mark Gellman

His focus is building a business that is built on core values, mission statement, accountability, profitability and overall team culture. Our team certainly would not have the success we  have today, without the support and guidance of Bob Corcoran.

Ryan Smith

Bob has been with our team through thick and thin. When you hire him and his team, you are hiring someone who genuinely is invested in your success. Choosing to work with Bob was the best business decision I've ever made.

Char MacCallum

Char MacCallum

Bob has a hands on approach. He came to my office and helped me organize with systems that makes my business duplicatable and then he held me accountable. His energy lifts me up and keeps me charged. He is a great problem solver and helps me analyse my next steps. He has a great heart for his clients and he shows his care for our business above and beyond our scheduled calls. He has had more agents featured on the Wall Street Journal Top 50 list than any other coach!

Amy Wengerd

Amy Wengerd

Only hire Bob Corcoran if you are really wanting to challenge and stretch your thinking, crush your goals, and have fun while doing it. Bob and I have been coaching since 2017 and my business has grown over 50% during that time. Not only that, but we have accomplished that while taking myself out of sales so I can focus on building a strong team with a solid foundation. This will allow my family and I to achieve our goals sooner and live our best life. Bob truly wants the absolute best for you personally, financially, and spiritually. If you have the privilege to be coached by Bob please consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

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