Take advantage of our customizable coaching modules to acquire the real estate team that best suits your goals and selling style. Get on-site coaching and personalized one-on-one realty consulting to bolster every aspect of your brokerage.

Real Estate Recruiting Assistance

It is no mystery that brokerages want high-earning talent on their team to enhance their firm’s portfolio. Brokerages go to great lengths to lovingly lure in top real estate agents. But in this increasingly competitive world of real estate, how do you grab the attention of star Realtors and manage to keep them locked-in for the long-haul?

We'll provide you with premium proprietary data geared to help acquire the agents you want. Bob Corcoran & Associates can clue you in on how to grab the attention of rising talent and lock-in already established Realtors. We can help you understand the importance of marketing your brokerage in a way that appeals to potential candidates. You’ll begin to develop your own hiring style and start to attract the caliber of talent that your brokerage needs to realize longevity.

Comprehensive Real Estate Coaching & Consulting

We know how to increase productivity and maximize profitability. Our coaching methods touch on every aspect of the real estate business. Throughout the years we have helped real estate agents and brokerages apply the most impactful business practices across every facet of the real estate industry. From results-driven real estate marketing strategies, to business development coaching, systems analysis and implementation, Bob Corcoran & Associates empowers their clients to manifest success from the ground up.

On-site Sales Training

We can come to you! Our team of real estate coaches can meet you where the magic happens and boost productivity ten-fold. We will step in and assist in the training process, while also helping to recalibrate operations so that everyone is functioning as a cohesive unit. Take advantage of 2 days of Listing Sales Mastery, 2 days of Buyer Sales Mastery, Leadership Training & Development, and Operational Excellence Training & Development.

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