Real Estate Franchise & Corporate Services

Recruiting & Retention

Build your business with great talent that will expand your sales and stay with you for years. We'll provide your brokers and owners with the tools they need to effectively recruit, train and retain talent that suits their teams and their clientele.

One-on-One Comprehensive Coaching and Consulting

Take advantage of top level consulting and coaching on business strategy and development for your brand growth and franchise expansion. One-on-one consultation with professional coaches is available at the franchise level, including full systems analysis and development.

Speaking Events & Seminars

Enlist top talent for corporate sales, leadership, and motivational events and seminars, including topics such as:

  • Leadership Development
  • Business Planning & Development For Brokers and Owners
  • Best Practices for Recruiting/Training/Retaining Talent
  • Systems Implementation
  • Sales Mastery
  • Listing Mastery

High Level Business Strategy & Training

Get full systems assistance at any level! We will analyze the systems you currently have in place, and work with your corporate executive team to help develop growth, training and strategies to increase your franchise's market share. Leadership development and training is available for your corporate leader teams, as well as reliable systems that will minimize dysfunction and inefficiencies at the corporate level.

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Best result I ever achieved. Easy scripts: what to say, whom to call, and everything fell in place.

Amazing, amazing night. The energy in this room was incredible.