Even the most successful real estate agents still want to find ways to excel and better themselves. There is always room for improvement. Top Realtors become accomplished by constantly learning and expanding.

Since forming his real estate coaching and consulting business in 1989, Bob Corcoran has helped mold and mentor some of the top real estate brokers in the United States.

Where the typical broker may sell four properties in a year, our clients have been known to sell hundreds. That is a drastic departure from the average sales numbers most real estate agents generate in a single calendar year. According to Inman News, Bob Corcoran is one of the leading real estate coaches.

Personalized Real Estate Coaching 

Bob Corcoran & Associates offers personalized help to brokers that are ready to step beyond their comfort zone. By recognizing how to pinpoint strategic relationships and lucrative real estate opportunities, top brokers can begin to understand the importance of professional positioning, without sacrificing all of their personal time.

Our one-on-one private real estate coaching programs are based on 4 principles: Eliminate Obstacles, Establish Best Practices, Eradicate Excuses and Accelerate Growth. As a result, our clients are empowered to take intentional action that establishes lasting careers that have real value.

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